As a software developer by trade, I design the tools needed for my own work. These products are shared with friends and in due course they are commercialized. Life in Japan has also unlocked new passions in me, such as photography and offbeat travel. An ongoing project of mine is helping to save the Japanese countryside by advancing some original solutions.



Japan’s most famous sites – don’t avoid them. On the contrary, here’s a selection of my favourites.

Secret Japan

It’s all there, a few kilometres from the beaten track. Both everything and nothing happens here.

Haikyo (廃墟)

These desolate sites – haikyo – vibrate with beautiful lights and colourful memories. Japan, past imperfect.


Such poetic pictures that celebrate bygone eras.

Haikyo Explorers

Phantom heads turn at the euphoric daring of these explorers!

Gunkanjima (軍艦島)

An abandoned island off the coast of Japan and the most beguiling exploration.


Meow Apps

I’ve developed a number of plugins for WordPress, and they've become very popular.


Ikuzo is a personalized map editor for the world’s wanderers, photographers, and travel specialists.


An ambitious mapping project that pinpoints Japan’s best bloggers along with their blog content.


Offbeat Japan

Tales of my wanderings and adventures in Japan, presented as an online magazine.


I’ve also had a few books published ... on Japan, of course, but also on North Korea!